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Suraj diagnostics brings to you a High End Laboratory which is fully equipped with the latest in pathological testing. Besides, we have the best of Technicians and Pathologists to utilize these highly advanced equipments to provide accurate values for your blood, urine and other tests. Blood tests are a very useful way of knowing how the organs of your body are functioning.

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At Suraj diagnostics there is a great deal of empahasis on the accuracy and precision of results generated by us.

  • Chemical Pathology: It encompasses detecting changes in blood and body fluids (electrolytes, enzymes and proteins) in association with many diseases as well as detecting and measuring tumour (cancer) markers, hormones, poisons and both therapeutic and illicit drugs.


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It is the discipline which deals with the study of physiology (blood coagulation analysis) and pathology of blood, its cells and blood forming organs (anemia, leukemia, etc). Blood smears are used to examine the cell types and appearance of the blood cells to diagnose haematological diseases and to monitor the progression of treatment. Bone marrow examinations by aspiration biopsy aids in the diagnosis of these diseases. Transfusion medicine is another arm of haematology dealing with blood groups, antibodies and blood transfusion.

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Also known as smear tests, cytopathology is specialized discipline that involves analysis of cellular components to confirm/exclude a malignancy. Specimens such as sputum, urine, brushings and washings of various organs are collected using minimally invasive techniques. The most common application of this speciality is in detection of cervical cancer, the specimen used for this is a PAP smear.

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Histopathology is the branch of pathology that deals with the study of tissues for diseases. The biopsy specimen on which the diagnosis is made is taken from a client to detect and diagnose disease and also examine disease progression. It is also used to establish the cause in cases of sudden or unexpected death. A large part of this is the detection and diagnosis of cancer. A tissue diagnosis is essential before commencing treatment involving major surgery, radiation or drugs, treatments which may have major side-effects.

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The role of the microbiology laboratory is the diagnosis of infectious organisms and testing to identify the most appropriate treatment to fight the infection. Any bodily fluid or tissue can be examined for infectious diseases.

Prevent Breast Cancer

Dr Sumita Singh is talking about the importance of Breast Ultrasound over Mammography in the females below the age of 40 years and how this can result in early detection of Breast Cancer in women below the age of 40 who have dense breasts and Mammography doesn't give accurate information in such females.

However Mammography is the best diagnostic modality for scanning the breasts in women above the age of 40 years. Excessive reliance on these diagnostic machines is also not a good idea and one must see a breast specialist before deciding to go for any kind of testing


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