Sushant Lok Centre

Suraj Diagnostics Centre at Sushant Lok-1 is situated on the road right next to Paras Hospital and is conveniently accessible from all parts of the New Gurgaon. From Golf Course Road it is just about 2 kms from the Genpact Building and from the Gold Souk Road it is also 2 kms from the Ardee City. When you are coming from Ardee City side you will come across a red light just before Paras Hospital. Take Left Turn from this red light into Sushant Lok and at just about 400 meters you would find Suraj Diagnostics on the Left while Paras Building is on your right

Address - C-1 / 2926, Sushant Lok-1, Gurgaon

Phone - 91-9711009284

Old Gurgaon Centre

Suraj Diagnostics in the older part of Gurgaon was established in the year 1993 and is bang opposite the General Hospital also known as the Government or Civil Hospital. The huge building cannot be missed from a distance. When you are coming from the Gurudwara Road this building will be on your left hand side and when you are coming from the MG Road it would be on your right hand side. In this case you have to go a little further and then take a U turn to reach Suraj Diagnostics. You can park your car in the front of the building and then walk into the centre to get your tests done.

Address - 35, Red Cross Market, Opp. General Hospital, Gurgaon

Phone - 91-9643190160


Diagnostics Appointment

Prevent Breast Cancer

Dr Sumita Singh is talking about the importance of Breast Ultrasound over Mammography in the females below the age of 40 years and how this can result in early detection of Breast Cancer in women below the age of 40 who have dense breasts and Mammography doesn't give accurate information in such females.

However Mammography is the best diagnostic modality for scanning the breasts in women above the age of 40 years. Excessive reliance on these diagnostic machines is also not a good idea and one must see a breast specialist before deciding to go for any kind of testing


Dr Sumita Singh with Dr Binod

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